Destin, Florida

Destin; what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this city? If you say beaches, family fun, putt putt, crazy college spring break, and bars… You’re right! Destin is a surprisingly all-inclusive town that welcomes mothers, fathers and frat stars alike.

I took my first trip to Destin with my family when I was young. Those memories consisted of sand castles, sun burns and searching for sand dollars. It was one of our favorite places to go as a family because of its PG atmosphere and variety of activities. I even remember having a great time playing cards inside our hotel room as the heavens opened up and poured buckets on our lovely vacation.

These days I looked to Destin for the non-stop party we all refer to as; Spring Break. On this trip our daily routine would shift a bit. Instead of hitting the beach bright and early, my crew and I sauntered to the sand at the crack of 2 p.m. After a day of sand beer pong and cheap beer we would truly begin our day with a nice dinner (I suggest Guglielmo’s for down home Italian) and head to the nearest bar. In our case, we celebrated St. Patrick’s day at McGuire’s.

So, how could this be the same town? With a plethora of attractions and expansive beaches there is little need to cross paths with those loud college students, or sticky children.


November 15, 2011. Uncategorized.

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