Taos, New Mexico

Taos is truly a majestic land. Okay, wipe that dismissive look off your face. If you have ever been there you will agree whole-heartedly! I never been to a town that I can physically feel it’s mystery, wonder and history.

I had the pleasure of spending a summer in Taos just a few years ago. I assume the Taos Inn is still serving the best heuvos rancheros in town, the Rio Grand Gorge is still as breath-taking as ever and the adobe that makes up nearly every wall in the area is still holding strong. On the other hand, I couldn’t tell you which up and coming chefs have opened a restaurant, whose hearts have been touched by the pueblo indians story or what art exhibit is hanging proudly on the Taos Art Museums and Fechin House’s walls. For a town filled with such historic consistency, it sure is buzzing with new and enticing attractions.

One of these attractions happens to be the most innovative form of housing in the world. Taos is home to the EarthShips. Instead of futuristic, “take me to your leader,” homes, think more rustic, man-made clay domes. A trip out to the EarthShips will get you an inside look at the process of building one, which includes layering mud with recycled glass bottles. The whole operation is actually very interesting, they leave no stone unturned. For example, rain water travels full circle after being collected, filtered, used for drinking, and then recycled to the garden to water the plants. Leaving the EarthShips might leave you feeling a bit wasteful, but it will definitely give you hope for this planet.

That is sort of what the entire town of Taos does to its visitors. A small town feel surrounded by incredible mountains, plains and rivers might just give you a renewed hope for corporate America.


November 15, 2011. Uncategorized.

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