Tulsa, Oklahoma

That is correct, I am writing a positive review about my hometown’s rival! But wait, I was born in Tulsa, so whose loyalty must I uphold? The answer is both.

Most of my experiences with Tulsa involve a late night drive to Cain’s Ballroom to catch a great concert. Cain’s is a historic venue that seems to attract a diverse menu of acts. Lucky for me, many happen to be my favorite musicians! From Ghostland Observatory to Railroad Earth, from Pretty Lights to Snoop Dogg, Cain’s has something for everyone. My favorite part about this venue has to be the floor. The floor, you ask? Yes, the floor of the ballroom is loaded with springs. On an especially good night you might just get bounced around by all the excitable fans dancing around. It is quite the experience!

My other memorable time spent in Tulsa was attending my older brother, Eric’s wedding. What a special occasion! Held at the Dresser Mansion it was a simple and elegant Sunday affair. The mansion is clad in antique woodwork and furniture with surprises at every corner. The men tended to congregate in the basement by the television and pool table, and the women stayed upstairs in the sun room and garden. If you have a special affair, the Dresser Mansion comes with rave reviews from me.

Whether you are going for a fun night with friends, or an unforgettable afternoon with family, Tulsa has a wide variety of venues and entertainment to keep you and yours content.


November 16, 2011. Uncategorized.

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